Murder At Mandai Camp

An unsolved murder gets a second chance at justice when the CID dispatches Singapore’s handsomest man. Director/DP– Jon TanDirector/Producer – Ernest YangSet Photographer – Joelle QuekGrip Assistant – Janine TohCast – Benjamin Kheng, Bright Ong, Samuel Tan


Girl meets girl. Girl decimates the city. Ya’know, the usual. Director/DP – Jon TanProducer – Ernest YangSet Photographer – Joelle QuekSFX Makeup – Janine TohHair – Den Ng, Maurice CheeCast – Tabitha Nauser, Laanya Ezraa

Happy Nationer Day

Happy Nationa… wait what? Director/DP – Jon TanProducer – Shanice StanislausCamera Assistant – Joelle QuekCast – Yuheng Wu, Adeeb Fazah, Jayden Lim & others

Your First Float

“How can we make dunking yourself into a pitch-black tank of salt water less intimidating?” Director / DP – Jon TanCamera Assistant – Joelle Quek

Little Sheep: Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, we ponder an age old question – is it wrong for a Sheep to fall for a human woman? Director / DP – Jon TanCrew – Ernest Yang

Little Sheep: Somerset Opening

Director/DP – Jon Tan Producer – Janel Ang Crew – Venus Oh, Daniella Chim Cast – Ashton Law, Nicola Kong , Federico Balmas, Janine JN

My Acne Clear

A short, jingly commercial for Atomy’s Acne Clear Serum. Director/DP – Jon Tan Producers – Adeeb Fazah, Ng Yuan Jie, Shanice Stanislaus Script – Janel Ang Music – Jevon Chandra Cast – Tan Rui Shan

High On Nothing

“High On Nothing” is a short documentary commissioned by Vice Asia and Grab. It was awarded the “Judges Favourite” at the Vice Digital Creator’s Academy award show. DP/Director – Jon Tan Accolades:


A lighthearted piece for Chinese New Year, shot for No Signboard Seafood. Director/DP – Jon Tan AD – Ernest Yang Cast – Yu Heng

La Mariposa Borracha

This is a trailer for La Mariposa Borracha, a play directed by Shanice Stanislaus and performed at Gateway Theatre. Director/Editor – Jon TanProducer – Lesha MansukhaniCrew – Nadya Gerhard, Hannah BeastlyCast – Shanice Nicole Stanislaus