We make funny🤭, low budget 💰
commercials in Singapore🇸🇬.

If you’re reading this, you’re not looking for a million dollar commercial.

You’re not about to spend $570,000 to play your ad at that noisy escalator in ION Orchard or have it playing all day on that giant screen at Raffles Place.

You’re looking for a production house to make you an ad for a few thousand dollars so you can spend a few thousand more promoting it on social media.

… right?

We would be so paiseh if we’re wrong.

But IF we’re right, we’d like to introduce ourselves.

We are ROTOTORO. We make funny commercials on sensible budgets.

We don’t shoot six figure commercial projects for PUB telling you to save water… but we have worked with brands like:

We aren’t one of the big boys who will roll up to set with 50 people who each have 5 assistants…

but that’s why we’re not about to send you a bill for $700,000, before GST.

We shoot with small, efficient crews who get the job done well enough to win awards like:

And we don’t have a beautiful office with a receptionist who will serve you coffee.

But we do have a humble studio in Bukit Merah where we could sit down and discuss how we could create something amazing for your brand.

And we’ll serve you the coffee ourselves.

So drop us an email: yo(at)rototoro.com