We make micro films in Singapore ?? with heart? and humour?.

Hi, I’m Jon. If you engage us, I’ll be the man talking to ya, so I thought it would make sense to speak to you directly here.

I want to use this space to tell you why we’d do an amazing job creating a film for you. I’d like to that now because I’d feel very paiseh telling you this in person or on the phone.

Firstly, I’ll show you a row of recognizable logos from brands who’ve hired us. The logo selection is diverse to show you we have range.

Also, here’s a row of awards our films have won at film festivals. We’ve mainly picked awards with the little leaves on the side that look important:

I’d also love to show you my favourite pieces from our portfolio:

This music video we shot for Tabitha Nauser with explosions and aliens.

Or this fashion film we made when I was possessed by the spirit of Wes Anderson

WHEW ok that should let us focus our chat on your project.

Drop me an email: jon(at)rototoro.com